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Updated: 20 July 2007
A food passport for the Algarve

VISITORS TO the Algarve will soon be able to buy a food passport, detailing the best of local and traditional gastronomy.

The document, called the Passaporte Turístico Gastronómico, is part of a pack costing 10 euros which has been produced by the Confraria de Gastrónomos do Algarve (CGA), a non-profit organisation dedicated to the study of and the promotion of the region’s most traditional gastronomic recipes.

Just 20,000 of the packs will be produced initially, said José Alves, of the CGA.

The project, which is costing around 500,000 euros, is expected to receive backing from the Algarve câmaras and the RTA, the Algarve Tourism Board.

The new passport design is based on official passports and it also needs a photo and personal identification in the inside pages.

The rest of the space will be used by each owner to put a stamp from the restaurants visited. Historical and cultural information on the villages visited is also available.

In addition to the passport, the pack includes a gastronomic guide, in English and Portuguese. The guide has 70 recipes and identifies the restaurants where they can be found. There will also be a special discount voucher that is accepted at some of the restaurants listed.

The pack will be sold in the Tourist Office network and in book and newspaper shops.

If you would like to know more, please visit: http://www.gastronomias.com/confrarias/algarve.html; be aware this website is only in Portuguese.

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